Gingivitis | Teresa Morgan-Jones

When I first joined Forever, I was suffering from gum disease (gingivitis) which my mother had years ago & unfortunately lost all of her teeth to, so this really worried me. I had swollen bleeding gums and terribly painful mouth ulcers, it was also costing me a fortune as I had to go to the hygienist every 6 months.

I started drinking the aloe gel and using the forever bright toothgel, within 3 months all of that had changed, the inflammation went, my mouth ulcers disappeared, the only thing I’d changed was that I’d been taking & using aloe. My hygienist & dentist couldn’t believe it and within a year my plaque count had halved. That was nearly 6 years ago & I’ve never suffered since, I no longer have gum disease or suffer with mouth ulcers and only visit the hygienist once a year which has saved me money – fantastic – I will never ever stop using these products.